Fusion Energi Estate with expanded range and unheard of eMPG

A PHEV Fusion Energi Estate would be a wise alternative to small SUVs/delivery vehicles. I for one would buy it to tote around my family of five plus the dog.

Bonus: Utilize Envia Systems cheaper, denser, manganese cathode lithium-ion cells. Up the ante by using a your 1.6 TCDI diesel as the range extender. Solves cost, weight, and "range anxiety" problems in a 2013 vehicle.

Prove that the U.S. is ready for diesel and wagons.

Build it Ford, and sell it in America. I'm counting on you...America's counting on you!
Josaphat P 05/01/2012
Great idea! I would buy one in a heartbeat.
Ben G 04/03/2012
Nailed it! This would be my dream car - Prius stomping fuel economy, able to haul big stuff and a real looker to boot.
Dennis T 03/21/2012
Great Idea. Ford, Please Listen and ACT.
neil m 03/11/2012
Love it
Michael J 03/01/2012
I totally agree!!