fuel substitution system

fuel subsitution system with compressed air bye omitting the combustion, cooling system in a reciprocation engine.

the system completely works with compressed air, free from eny need to fossil or electrical fuels and it can easily complete with fossil fuel machines with regard to speed and power. it has a 100% pneumatic closed cycle system and has no need for air charge of motor propulsion and has a point system and a rotary in_line motor. this system has no electrical system, coil,plug, wires, distributer,start and etc.
and also has not eny cooling system including radiator, water twins and water pump and it has also no ignition. this machine requires electricity only in case of using cooler, heater or lightings.
driving and using it is as the same as the fossil fuel machines. it has a 100 closed cycle and has no need to surrounding air and is noise free and environment friendly and has also no exhaust system.
Huy Pham 11/23/2011
Some things to keep in mind. If the closed system works you still need to recharge the compressed air because of the frictional losses during the conversion of air pressure to mechanical movement. Also the only way to use the engine itself to compress the air back into a pressurized chamber requires a pressure gradient, so it would require a second chamber to get pressurized. The problem with this is that the higher the pressure of the second chamber the more power is used to compress air and less power you get converted to mechanical movement.