Fuel Efficient Work Horse in the USA?

Why not create a fuel efficient compact truck? Most truck consumers don't need a 4.0L engine; however, 4WD is a must in many locations. Why not create a smaller/midsized pickup that get 20miles per gallon in the city. Not some piddly little 2-seater either. A double/crew cab with a smaller v6 (3.0L) and 4x4. The F150 is a beast and honestly too big for most city/urban driving. Things hard as heck to parrallel park and sucks down fuel on trips out to the mountians. The urban adventurer, who still has some gumption needs a fuel efficient 4x4. Not some sassy little SUV or an effeminate crossover!

no reason you shouldn't and can't make a gas pickup that gets 20+ city and 29+ highway

Bring the Ford Ranger Back Home!
dominic p 04/15/2013
I don't know what Ford is doing and I'm starting to think that Ford doesn't even know what they're doing. I have an idea that Ford may be more concerned with watching their corporate profits rather than trying to earn their market share back. Ford is trying to sell the F-150 STX as the Ranger replacement for 2012 on. I can't believe how delusional Ford could be. It seems to me that Ford is putting all their eggs in the F-150. If that's the case then at least put a manual in the truck. They build this Atlas concept truck with futuristic features and show it off to everybody and nobody knows what the deal is with this thing if they're going to build it or not. In the mean time Dodge brings out their 2013 Ram with most of the same futuristic feature on the Atlas and takes the Motor Trend Truck of the Year spot from Ford. GM's got new pick-ups coming very shortly with all new engines that just may be the cat's ass. Ford can't afford to lose any truck market share because that's all they got really. That's their bread and butter. To let the Ranger expire without a replacement is unbelievable and if they decide to bring an import version of the Ranger there will be love loss on my part for Ford trucks. Bring back an American Ford Ranger or F-100, please. If not then I'll settle for a Toyota Tacoma. If you think you're going to take advantage of customer loyalty you can try but look at how you made out with the car market.
Phillip R 04/03/2013
I couldn't agree more.. I have a 99 Ranger and would have bought one years ago if they would have upgraded the older one... they wonder why it did not sell.... my friends 1993 looked like the 2010? The Australia version is amazing... I would buy one in a heart beat...