Fuel efficient 21st Century Ford Bronco

The finest examples of 2 door, off-road, & asthetically pleasing SUV's were the 1986 and 1996 line-up of Full-size Broncos. With that in mind, Bronco lovers everywhere would jump at the chance if Ford took that heritage and updated and remade the Bronco; Only with better fuel economy. There is a huge demand for the Bronco, especially for it's durability. Please Ford Motor Company, bring back the best 2 door suv/truck ever made!!
Mark R 08/06/2014
A 4-door Bronco would look an awful lot like an Expedition. Bring back the Bronco with 2 doors, a real tailgate, and real off-road performance.
Jordan M 10/09/2012
Couldn't agree more! Please, please make a 21st century Bronco. Do it before the EPA kills the full-size pickup and SUV market...
KEVEN Z 09/18/2012
There is a need since both the Escape and Explorer no longer have transfer cases. Replace the Flex with a four door Bronco with excellent trail capabilities and you have a winner Ford. The Mustang is a great retro car, and so too would the Bronco be.
KEVEN Z 09/18/2012
They could use four doors for better marketability and still have good trail dimensions like the four door Jeep Wrangler and Toyota Landcruiser. I believe people would flock to it like they do the Mustang. The original had a huge following and still has one. It would be an hit!!!
Jamie S 09/05/2012
This would be good! I know they had a new one at car shows, but never went in production.