Free Piston Linear Generator

Please upgrade your Fusion Energi Plug-In Hybrid with a Free Piston Linear Generator and photovoltaic paint/panels. If you added these two feature and ensured the photovoltaic paint/panels would charge the system while in operations I would buy this car today. With that being said I have about 1 maybe two years left on my Jetta TDI now. It is between you and Honda....whoever wants my business will have to earn it.
Andrew J 04/01/2013
They are creating solar cells that work in the pavement of roads. I hate the idea of placing "solar panels" on cars. That would be ugly, inefficient and unattractive to most consumers. "The photovoltaic paint is made up of a layer of dye and a layer of electrolytes and can be applied as a liquid paste. Altogether, the sheets of steel get four coats of solar paint — an undercoat, a layer of dye-sensitized solar cells, a layer of electrolyte or titanium dioxide as white paint pigment and, finally, a protective film." This technology would generate substantial power in a state like Louisiana. Please look into this research. If a company like Ford pushed it the results could be spectacular.
Samuel J 03/20/2013
That isn't a mature technology, and the amount of photovoltaic cells that would fit on the car wouldn't be able to do much at all. You'd have to leave it out in the sun for a month in order to drive 20 miles.