Ford Vespa

By Ray M.

I called my idea a Fespa (Ford + vESPA)
This is something new as I know Ford does not build motorcycles. But!!!!!
This could also be very innovative and fun for everyone!!!!!
A Fespa, that is 100% electric. Great way to enjoy the Summer weather, great for high schoolers to go to school or friends house, enjoy the ride while stopping by for some grocery or snacks @ a near by market, and most of all, a Fespa will have a slick Ford look (only available in blue) and is cheap (since it does not go very fast to begin with) so the whole family can have one and enjoy it while riding it to a near by park. $3000 for kids, $6000 for adults size speed.

For a feature, got to have a sound system for certain types/class of Fespa would be awesome. Many would roll up in their Fespa and form a circle blasting music and dancing!! Wooohoooo! This could turn into a cult.

This idea just popped into my head as I miss my high school days where I usually walk or use my bicycle to meet my friends so it is not 100% complete. 

Finally, know that I did not send this idea to Tesla. This could make them very jealous and hurt their 'innovation.'

I'm counting on you Ford !!  At least patent this idea if not already taken.
And please give me a Fespa if you guys ever make it!

thank you thank you