Ford Thunderbird Roadster

By Tim P.

My ideal car is a roadster like the bmw z4, porsche boxster, mazda mx5 that offers a hard top convertible, however I'd like this to be powered by a hybrid drivetrain of the 1.6 ecoboost and or 1.0 3 cyl ecoboost that you have and a 50-80 hp electric motor to product a total combined net hp of 260-300 hp.  This car would have excellent handling and weigh in at under 3,200 lbs.  This hybrid would also be a plugin hybrid and offer the lastest battery technology.

The msrp for this vehicle would range from 35k-42k for a base model depending on cost of production.  If you can make this vehicle out of carbon fiber (bmw i3) or aluminum (f-150) for weight savings and get it under 2,900 lbs that would just be amazing.   With the hybrid power train this vehicle is able to accelerate from a 0-60 in around 4.5-4.8 seconds yet achive mpg figures around 23+ city and 35+ hwy.   Please make this car sexy and don't make it ugly like the last gen thunderbirds.  Look at lotus and porsche if you need design ideas.
Dominic P 02/12/2014
 I hope the closest Ford gets to your wishes is the A/C Cobra 427, built by the man himself, Mr. Carroll Shelby, God rest his soul. Keep the American muscle alive!