Ford the first American Car maker offering Natural Gas vehicles.

By Shay J.

Ford takes one or two passengers models and offers them to run with natural gas. Ford becomes first American Car maker to offer the cars. You hire ten regional people to speak at Kiwanis, Rotary Clubs , business organizations, city common councils and take the vehicles to the meetings. Start a grass roots movement to convert our foreign oil addiction to home owned natural gas. Ford first for America and American jobs. Putting America back to work. Natural gas cleaner air and reducing or foreign trade deficit. Ford, because Henry Ford didn't say when he had his idea of the Model T, bad idea there are no fueling stations he pioneered ahead of his time creating a new industry. Ford recreating America again. Market the idea grass roots in addition to national ad campaign. Team up with national fule station operators to offer CNG. You already offer the vehicles in Europe. Take advantage of American frustration with foreign oil and fuel prices. You can take the lead capture a new market.
David Mellor 07/07/2011
We want diesels. You already have them...good ones in Europe ...bring them here and Americans will buy them. I stopped by a VW dealer and learned that they can't keep TDI diesels in stock because they are getting 30/42 MPG with the 2.0 liter. Americans are fed up with vehicles that get less than 30 MPG with these fuel prices. The stigma of the stinky, sooty diesel is going away. Not to mention we can grow canola/rape seed, industrial hemp seed or algae and grow all the biodiesel fuel we want while capturing carbon. Henry Ford had it right in the first place! The Europeans have had it figured out for a long time.
Brian Langston 07/04/2011
I would be happy if we could just get diesels in America. The mpg ratings are incredible. If the Kuga makes it here to replace the escape, the diesel gets almost twice the mpg as the gasoline engine! Supposedly the man that is over Ford global decided that Americans do not need/want diesel engines so we get a turbo gas burner for more power.
Patrick Collins 06/30/2011
Ford already does this in Australia. You can get a dual fuel Falcon (both natural gas and gasoline) or a dedicated LPG engine. Why not here? You could ask the same question about Ford's magnificent diesels that are sold everywhere but here. They aready make the equipment necessary for their trucks to be converted over to dual fuel or straight gas but they do not offer it for the passenger cars. If Honda can do it why not Ford.