Ford Ranger EcoBoost 1.6l plug in Hybrid

How about a light weight 1/4 ton truck useing the exsisting ecoboost 1.6l engine and if possible make it plug in hybrid. That would open a huge commercial fleet sales for manicipalitys and industrys wanting to go green.

And have a really basic base model. Like just a 1.6l ecoboost and a Manual transmission 2WD.

The problem with this will be education for the market. Todays buyer has been brainwashed in to buying a 500 hp 4x4 4 door 8 foot high box truck, just to haul there golden retever to the coffee shop and back.

If your an engineer for ford trucks reading this I challenge you to shovel dirt into the back of the raptor by hand! go ahead try it! go dig a hole and put the dirt in the back of the truck in the box. Cause back in the day when trucks were used to work, people did that!

But I'm no market specaist, I cant even spell! But if there is a lot of people out there wanting insane power in there trucks then make one like the mclaren P1.
Kelly S 03/22/2014
I would buy a basic 4x4 version without a thought.
Marcus I 03/03/2014
The idea is sound. The Ford Ranger was already used in thousands of commercial light truck fleets (Rental trucks at big box hardware stores and auto parts stores, nevermind road crews.) But the Ranger was not profitable enough to continue production for this market, given the more and more stringent safety and emissions requirements. Imagine you are a fleet owner buying 100 rangers paying much more than last year and getting superfluous airbags (new drivers are cheap & a wreck doesn't hurt the tools in the passenger seat), superfluous T.P.M.S. (I have a maintenance barn for that), and the engine is weaker and more failure prone than last years model (truck fleets try to use tax subsidized gas anyway).