ford ranger

Dear Ford: I have owned 3 f150's,2 f250's,1 escort, 3 Taurses,and 6 rangers. i am a loyal customer. Your decision to drop the ranger platform in my view is a great mistake. the Ranger is the most capable small truck platform on the planet. I know I drive and use them for work. I am a contractor by trade. I put racks on them them,tow trailers and haul cargo. They do all tis work without a whimper and are extremely reliable,never broke down once. I've owened larger trucks but always return to my ranger.
even though i am 62 , I camp with it, tow my boat with it, and off road also. How exciting a Ranger would be with one of those new eco-boost 4 cyl. A true four door cab, small diesel. I am a truck person hang out with truck people of all ages, they all crave to have 4 door diesel compact truck. Ford builds one overseas. America built the auto industry we should not have to be left out. I owned a Tacoma crew cab,nice truck ,liked my ranger better. But i want a 4 door crew cab, my only options are Japanese, Be the leader that Ford was and is and light up the compact truck market like you did with the Ford Focus. IF YOU BUILD IT,CREW CAB,ECO-BOOST OR DIESEL ,WE WILL CRAWL OVER ANY OBSTACLE AND BEAT A PATH TO FORD TO BUY IT. IT FITS THE GREEEN INICITIVE OUR PLANET NEEDS. BIG IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER. FAITHFULLY FORD.......DON STARZIANO
John 12/18/2012
Donald, I've commented on similar ideas but haven't had any feedback yet. Mazda has promising new diesel technology, their Skyactive 2.2L diesel. They utilize lower pressures and temperatures and yet achieve class leading output and economy (check out their corporate website). The lower pressures allow for an aluminum block, the lighter construction reduces weight and costs as well (Ford may bulk up the engine a bit for truck service, though). Now the 2.2L inline 4 at about 174 HP and 310 ft-lbs may be a bit small for a work truck, but imagine a 3.3L inline 6 or V-6 version of this engine. This is very unique technology: most competitors can get a conventional small diesel soon, but Ford would have class leading technology for years. Is something likee that what you had in mind?