Ford Ranger

By Phil N.

If you are discontinuing the Ford Ranger...which I think is totally a bad idea, because of their durability and should resurect them in hybrid or electric form, with all the past dependability and durability intact. I will abandon Ford if something like this does not happen. I love my Ranger. I really think you are making a mistake here.
Richard P 10/03/2012
Ranger is a great size and the F150 is just too big for our needs. Without a ranger size truck from Ford we have to go to anotehr brand when we replace our current Ranger
Nathan R 09/05/2012
Diesel over EcoBoost or Hybrid.
Deb 08/24/2012
I too love my Ranger. Don't need/want full size pickup. I've had cars I treated like a truck and it wasn't pretty. I've never seen Rangers go on sale yet they sell. SUVs aren't trucks. Build your Thai-built, Aussie-designed ute state-side - and bring the diesel engine too.