Ford Ranger

there are Rumors of Ford discontinuing the Ranger, if true I feel the ranger should not be discontinued. If anything ford should further expand on the ranger platform of acquire ford of Australia's Ranger. I feel the ranger is an excellent vehicle, I have a 93 single cab 2.3l XLT ranger and It has been nothing but an excellent truck. It may seem broad but I feel there should be four wheel drive with all available ranger engines. The Ranger should be the most fuel efficient compact pickup in its class with an ecoboost 2.0 as the 4 cylinder and 3.7 liter as the six cylinder. The ranger should had rugged, yet eccentric styling with flair. If possible, the ranger should be made a little bit larger, not too much, definitely not as much as the Dodge dakota of Chevy Colorado, but enough to include more features and maybe more room in the interior. I could go on more about this but I ran out of time. I will post more later.
Nate 05/03/2010
I love the newer ranger. Tough, aggressive looking, but....lacks power. Time to give the ranger, better towing, more power. Just a revamp would be nice. Its hard for some to afford a F150. And a ranger needs to be around. Its affordable. Lets have a ranger that can tow about 8000-10000 pounds. Lets do the same thing as now. Throw the mustang engine in. How bout a 305HP mustang-hearted ranger? I'd get it. And maybe a perfomance one too. Put a 5.0 mustang engine with a supercharger. But definately have a off-roading version. I dont want to see a four cylinder turbo ranger. LETS HAVE A V6 RANGER, and V8, and the base I4. I want to drive a manly truck, and this 06-up ranger is manly. Lets have another manly ranger. Scale down the F150, that'd be awesome for the ranger. Keep it of similar size to this ranger, but the looks and power of a 150.
Mark 05/01/2010
a great idea. though i would prefer an diesel option( I need the fuel economy and torque). The size suggested is what I'd buy. And offfer a ranger raptor- sign me up. I would be my Ford dealer the day they say that they are building that version.
Tim 04/27/2010
I'll take a Dakota/Tacoma size Crew Cab Ranger with the 3.7, dare I say baby Raptor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!