Ford Needs a Diesel Electric Hybrid Vehicle

I believe there is a large hidden market for diesel electric vehicles that many auto makers are overlooking. There are plenty of people that would welcome the acceptance of diesel vehicles into American households.

A Few Key Points
Diesel is usually about 15% more expensive in the United States depending on where you are however the net gain from MPG exceeds the expense easily and well maintained Diesel engines can get 200,000+ miles.

Diesel's are closer to obtaining the correct ratio of air to fuel than any gasoline engine currently produced. They are more fuel efficient, produce more torque and they tend to be more durable.

Diesels are ideal for hybrid technology because of the quantity of torque available at low rpms. There is little reason you couldn't have a 55 mpg Ford Fusion diesel hybrid.
Clayton P 04/16/2013
VW has a current SUV concept applying this idea. it is projected to get 89 MPG on the highway. I had a Jetta diesel and it was getting 50+ MPG on the highway, there is no reason that Ford couldn't make a smaller version of their powerstroke engine and put it into the focus, fusion, mustang....really any of their vehicles and have success.
Patrick B 04/12/2013
I would go for a diesel hybrid. Gasoline can not be stored for long periods of time like diesel. I used to by gasoline in bulk for a discount and convenience but with its lack of ability to be stored gasoline is worthless. Diesel will not deteriorate like gas so I would buy a diesel for that reason also.
Don 03/27/2013
yeah, VW Golf this, they just need to put that package into a small light duty pickup.