Ford Motorbikes

Had a 99 Mustang, loved it!! Had an accident, totaled, removed blue oval from trunk as a keeper. Bought a 150cc motorbike that gets 100mpg and goes 55mph. I spend five dollars a week for gas instead of fifty-five. I placed the blue "Ford" oval on back of the luggage rack to decorate the bike, also for my fond memories of my "Stang".
Then it hit me........ Why couldn't Ford Motor Comapny produce a Ford Motorbike.
I would definitly buy one, I'm sure it would be a better product then the cheap Chinese models being sold here. The market is right for these scooters/ motorbikes with the price of gas soaring!!! I see more and more scooters and motorbikes every day as I ride to work. The more I tout the mpg's I'm getting, more and more of my friends are considering buying a motorbike. A plant could be built here in Jacksonville, FL. We have the seaport, trains, interstate, labor force, cost of living, commercial property, and not to mention the weather. We have the beaches, golf courses, and all sorts of venues. I think this could be a win win situation.
Saul Reyes 05/27/2011
I think american auto makers are missing on something that could be profitable. In the near future(if we keep depending on forerign oil),we won't be able to drive our cars to work as gas prices rise. In many countries, motorcycles are the main means of transportation. Mass transportation could be a solution; however, not all cities are as densely populated as New York, Chicago, LA, etc. making mass transportation inefficient. Therefore, now it's the time to start building motorcycles. On the other hand, Americans have long been used to the notion that driving Ford Excursions and the like, is the American way; so first we need to convince ourselves that we need to downsize.