Ford Focus w/ 1.0L and 1.6L EcoBoost and Start/Stop

The Ford Focus for the United States should be available with a three-cylinder EcoBoost and a 1.6L EcoBoost as well as engine start/stop.
Kian B 05/07/2012
I like it! I don't think its expensive, maybe it needs electric AC or steering that is a little different, but in more vehicles the $ goes down, right? Also, we can maybe disengage the stop/start for when we doubt the performance.
Curtis Houck 02/02/2012
I believe start/stop technology should be up to the owner to use it or not. One problem is buying unwanted technology that up's the MSRP for the other buyer.

The 1.0 engine should just come under the hood of a different and smaller automobile in my opinion. One similar to the Ford Ka offered in the UK as example.
Paul Matthews 01/31/2012
I agree with the 1.6L Ecoboost if for no other reason than the extra torque in the low end of the power band and to help with passing/hill climbs in the mountains.
Brad Krekelberg 01/30/2012
I want my next Focus to be a Titanium with 1.6L EcoBoost and a 6-speed manual.