Ford Focus Electric Trailer Battery

To extend the range of the Ford Focus Electric add a trailer battery option. Then you could connect the trailer when you are planing a trip longer than the on-board battery can take you.

When you are not using the battery trailer you could charge it at home (or connect it to your grid tied solar system).

The trailer could have options 1 battery, 2 battery's ... or more.
George N 08/09/2013
I make patent pending cargo hauler/generators called "RangeGaard" for on-the-go or stationary charging.
Dean V 06/19/2013
That would be one expensive trailer. You better have a good lock on the trailer hitch, because lots of dirtbags would be trying to steal your battery trailer! I suppose you could put GPS tracking on them, but I don't think people would want to buy this extra battery for the odd time they need it. It sounds like something you could maybe rent from your local Ford dealer?