Ford Fiesta ECOnetic

I don't understand why ford is not bringing the ford fiesta ECOnectic to the US? It gets 60+mpg and it will soon be available in Canada, We could really use this vehicle here in the states. My husband and I both have Mustangs and want a fuel efficient car to add to our garage and I think that we are going to end up buying a Prius. I think that bringing a fiesta hybrid to the US market would be a great idea also.
Gary 11/22/2011
The only thing stopping the 2012 Ford Fiesta with 5spd manual from getting 50+mpg is the gear ratio. I am getting 44mpg on my Fiesta, but note the engine is turning to fast at highway speeds due to not having a 6th gear.
Chris Vandenheede 06/06/2011
From what I am hearing Ford is going to have a ecoboost Fiesta out very soon. I would guess 50 mpg+. Hold off on the Toyota!!!!