Focus Wagon

My idea is to start selling the Focus Wagon in the U.S. again. Give families who don't need or want an SUV an alternative. Now that Subaru doesn't have a basic wagon anymore, that only leaves VW. I would rather buy a Focus!
Craig D 12/13/2012
We really need a domestic sport wagon. The Focus ST Estate or Fusion/Mondeo could fill the bill. Don't keep us waiting.
Lawrence C 10/25/2012
I support this completely. I would love to have the Focus ST Wagon with an Ecoboost engine for my city driving. It is hard for me to accept that Ford doesn't think it can sell Focus or Fusion Wagons when Cadillac isn't scared to put a 550+ HP wagon in their lineup and ask $64K base price for it. I read somewhere they needed to sell 39 units to cover their investment. Does that mean that Ford would need to sell about 120 of them in the US to make the same revenue Cadillac does?
Well... if it's true, count me in for a red one!!
Ben G 10/16/2012
Agree 100%. We have a 2002 Focus wagon right now and it's a perfect car - plenty of carrying capacity when needed, but fun to drive and the fuel economy of a small car. I'd love to see the new Fusion wagon in the U.S., or the Focus wagon, especially in the new Ecoboost or hybrid powertrains. There is no way I will ever buy an SUV or a crossover, and a sedan is just not practical enough for a family vehicle.
Benjamin P 09/26/2012
Can we please have Fusion AND Focus wagons, available with a range of options, including manual transmissions and turbo diesel engines? C'mon, Ford! I know American buyers have bought mostly lame stuff in the past, but it's a new world. A world where people want to drive stick shift wagons! Are you with me?!
Brad B 09/22/2012
Hey Ford & Guys ! I too would love to see the Focus wagon be sold over here again. I don't understand why people attach a social stigma to the station wagon. I guess most female drivers of SUVs don't understand they are driving a taller 4WD stationwagon that get really bad fuel economy from a 6,000 .lb luxo-barge. Long live the humble stationwagon.
Roi S 09/18/2012
Great. i have seen those.
Steve W 09/16/2012
We've been in the market for a new wagon for some time. Not a fan of VW, but would love a Fusion or Focus wagon...ST even better!
Lee Hebel 09/10/2012
I would buy a Focus wagon with an Ecoboost 2.0 with an automatic today if you offered one in the US. My European Ford color choice: Brisbane Brown, very handsome. Not everyone likes an SUV. Don't they know they are driving taller, heavier wagons?

Will the masses tire of SUV's? Probably.
Paul M 09/07/2012
This and the Fusion wagon would both be on the top of my list to buy.