Focus Diesel/ Biodiesel

Ford needs to give us Americans a small diesel powered car. I recently moved to Oregon, and lots of people here have Mercedes and Volkswagon diesels that get incredible mileage. Lets make some competition for them Ford. You bring it, me and my wife will buy one!
Jason S 06/14/2012
Recently went on a trip to Europe and had the distinct pleasure of renting a 2012 stick shift diesel Focus. After I got the menu to read in English instead of German I also changed the trip computer to show MPGs and I was averaging over 50 the whole trip. Yes, some of that time was on fast moving major roads, but there was a lot of city driving going on too. In a time when I was looking for my next car... still am... the diesel Focus grabbed my attention and really made me drool for one, but as you all know... no diesel Focus in the US. I've talked to sales agents at the lots, I e-mailed Ford and got a cruddy, cookie cutter response about demand, market trends and blah blah blah... Read your FordSocial boards Ford!! Your fans, your perspective customers, the people who back you the most want a diesel option for your smaller cars(Fiesta, Focus, Fusion) in the US. Are you listening?!?
Here's hoping!!
Karl A 04/19/2012
Just take a gander at your local VW dealer. They have very few TDi's in stock. I believe the "take rate" for the Jetta TDi Sportwagon is something like 60-70%. You cannot even find a 2012 Passat TDi. They cannot build either one of them fast enough. Many dealers are charging above sticker. I believe European emissions are not too much looser than ours. From what I hear, Ford has terrific Dura-Torque diesels in Europe. Just do not forget to offer the diesel with a stick shift. 50 MPG or better in a Focus would be a very desirable package, without the expense and recycling issues associated with high-tech batteries.
Ben McLaughlin 01/09/2012
Ford Europe has wonderful diesel engines analogous to the 2.0 TDI VW federalized. It would be very nice to be able to support an american company and the fuel efficient technology I find most sustainable. (Rare earth metals used in batteries didn't get that name by being an abundant and renewable resource, unlike say oily seeds)
Kyle Young 12/19/2011
fiesta gets great mpg and great emissions
Brad Krekelberg 12/13/2011
Agreed! And I heard the Fiesta diesel gets 65 mpg! How is that not a good thing?
william smith 12/13/2011
I agree we have been waiting for american car companies to get with the program and give us diesel power in a small package Transit connect would be so much better with a turbo diesel and you wouldn't be getting rid of the Ranger if you offered a diesel and lets not forget about fuel saving manual transmissions some of us still prefer them and no one can tell me that an automatic is as good that is Bull diesel is the future let's go!
Jeff Doran 12/13/2011
I agree. German automakers are getting all the people looking for a car with a diesel. i would totally go for a Focus, Fusion, or Ranger diesel. High mileage and great torque, sounds like a good combo.