Focus 5-Door Hybrid

I want to see a sporty 2012 Focus 5-Door Hybrid available for those without kids, who do not need a van(C-Max Hybrid/Energi), where the Fusion is too big with no hatch, and needing more range than the Focus Electric can offer. It would provide us with a FORD option so the Prius is not our ONLY option for 50+/best mpg city. It would use the same 1.6L 148hp ecoboost engine of the UK Focus(47mpg) + Hybrid Technology. Using the same Global C Platform as the Focus Electric, C-Max Hybrid and Energi, where the bulk of development from drive-train to instrumentation is ready done. Which should also bring the cost down so the hybrid is comparable to the Titanium 5-Door model. Using lighter and 'tuned for range' lithium batteries, it should offer better fuel economy than the current Prius, more power, more/better tech, and much better styling.

We need an American/FORD option for the Prius, and the hot new 2012 Focus Hybrid would be just that!
June Dean 11/13/2011
I totally agree with the 5-door concept.
Brad Barefoot 11/02/2011
The "I's" carry the vote, all in favor of having the Grand C-Max in both a hybrid and regular version say "I", motion carried.
Brad Barefoot 10/05/2011
I agree too ! There are people who simply don't need a third row of seats to contend with. I really wanted a Grand C-Max and was wondering how hard it would be to remove them in order to have a *trunk/boot.
Karen Bick 06/23/2011
Yes! A Focus Hybrid. Better yet- a Focus Hybrid-Convertible! OK- I'll settle for a large sunroof (much larger than in current Focus).
P.S. I'll take mine in that Dark Cherry color. THANKS!
Hugibear 06/07/2011
I agree, Ford needs to build the Focus Hybrid. i need more range for my 90 mile one way trip twice a day.
JP 05/18/2011
Alan - I totally agree! With one exception Make it a Plug in Hybrid =) "offer the Focus 5-Door Hybrid(148hp 1.6 ecoboost from the UK 2012 Focus) and price it the same as the Titanium 5-door, with a Prius beating 50+mpg."
Thomas Artman 05/16/2011