first in fuel savings.

smarts cells 4 or 5 g can do almost any thing. if we make a way of using it to plot actual mileage. start with the amount of gas in tank and the amount you add. then avg weight of and pass. counthybrid or no. this would make better use of . the mileage the car can get . closer to real than the co's guess. This can make ford reach the next level in cafe' targets easy!!. how about that from the couple that wants to race hybrid ford mustangs in the americanlemans. gt class.
Rene B 11/07/2013
I am from Germany. Gasoline is extremely expensive here. Here the price of gasoline is up to 250% more than in the U.S. You can hardly afford it. 1 gallon costs about $7,08 in Germany.
Please bring in the Mustang as a very economical hybrid.