Fiesta 3-Door Electric/Plug-In

Personally I think as technology grows (Within Ford), and cost for electric/plug-ins become lower, I wish to see an Electric Fiesta come to my streets. I live in the Country/soon Suburban side of my town, and the nearest plazas, or shopping centers are about 15 miles away. Now you may think "Why don't you get a normal Fiesta, or other small cars?" Mainly the reason I want an Electric car is because I personally cannot afford gasoline, I work part-time (LUCKILY) and my wages go to my educationand future first car. So an Electric car Preferably FORD, smaller/cheaper than a Focus would make people similar in my situation pretty happy.
Luís Rosales 11/11/2011
@James: I get what your saying I prefer Diesel over petrol, (i honestly dont see why they dont bring it to the states -.-) Though i prefer an electric car because i think thats the future, and i want to own something that can spark the transition for my friends and family.

@Lucas: well i've considered this, which is why if they are still selling the solar panels for the home, around the time they decide to release the Fiesta plugin/electric(if they do so) then the costs will be minimal monthly. But again this is for LATER on in time, when their technology has improved, and everything becomes become more efficient.
James Brija 11/09/2011
The problem I have with electric cars is everyone talks about how green they are. But they aren't! The battery's ore is mined in canada, and shipped around the world twice on huge cargo ships burning billions of gallons of fuel, and then when you plug it in, people forget about where the electricity is coming from; a power plant burning coal. Now what is green about that? That's worse than a gas burner I would think... We need more European Fords over here. The ones with 1.2L Turbocharged cars that get 80mpg... And that's in a station wagon!
Lucas Freeman 11/09/2011
Luis, have you considered the possible cost of the increase in your house's electricity bill per month after you connect the vehicle to house power every day? Even Nissan asks the Leaf customer to contact their electrical provider about any discounts or breaks in price due to the vehicle charging on house power.