F-series lineup

Current F-150 would become the new F-250: Engine options would be; Ecoboost 6 cyl, 6.2 v8, and 4.4 L diesel
New F-150 would be smaller than current F-150 but larger than the Ranger: Engine opyions would be; 4 cyl. ecoboost, 3.7 v6, and 5.0 L v8
F-350 would stay the same
Thomas Artman 03/03/2011
That's a smart idea. I keep hearing that Ford is dropping the Ranger. By the same token, the F150 is getting huge. The new models are larger, or at least appear much larger, than the '97 my father had, yet it was able to haul a ton in the bed comfortably with a 4.2L V6.

They do need a smaller truck, if the Ranger is cancelled. And, looking at how the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost stacks up against the 5.0L V8 on the F150 specs page, the EcoBoosts are all that's necessary.
Chris Bennett 01/10/2011