F-250/350 Pick Up "Trucks"

By Ara C.

We are horse and past Blk Angus cattle owners. We would be the most happiest Ford Owners if you would build us an Electric Truck that could haul 3 to 4 horses or 6 cows. We also have a 5th Wheel RV. We would be the 1st to test or purchase item.
Darryl A 02/28/2012
A super duty could support very powerful electric motors for diesel electric locomotive style setup.
Sal Undy 08/29/2011
Electric HD Trucks are far in the future, but there's reasons to doubt if such will ever be realized.
James Defelice 05/15/2011
u think there are electric semi's for pulling lol some one is so funny now on here
Thomas Artman 05/13/2011
Agreed. Battery tech is NOWHERE NEAR capable of pulling this off. A diesel-electric would be ideal, with batteries to support regen and allowing the diesel to shut down at low coasting speeds and when stopped.
Brian Langston 04/30/2011
Diesel over electric like a locomotive would work. But probably not a battery electric.