Extend "Track Key" concept to fuel economy vs. power

By Jon H.

Since you've introduced the ability to have two different ECMs in the new Boss Mustang, why not take that concept further? Offer a key (or dashboard pre-start switch) in all of your vehicles, one that uses an ECM tuned for fuel efficiency but reduces total horsepower, and another key (or alternate setting on dashboard switch) that uses a second ECM tuned for power at the expense of fuel efficiency. I don't know how much improvement you could get, but this would offer people a choice to select whether they were going to need/want power or fuel efficiency on drive. (if a 300HP vehicle gets 18/25mpg, can you "detune" it to 250HP with an ECM that improves mileage to 20/27mpg?)
Matt Sahd 01/14/2011
The cars with Ti-VCT does this already for you, when you demand power the valve timing changes giving you power. Then when you have a lower power need, like driving down the highway then valves are changed again. So you get the best of both worlds, like the 2011 Mustang, 305 hp with 31 mpg that is the best of both worlds, and it is the fastest V6 pony car! Great idea though, but those innovative Ford engineers beat you to it!