Expedition power plant

By Don V.

How about providing the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost power plant as an option for the 2014 Expedition, After all it is new power plant for the 2012 F150
KD 01/18/2013
Redesigned 2014 Expedition with EB option NOW!!! You'll sell a Million of 'em, starting with me.
Joseph B 11/29/2012
2,5l EcoBoost is 'wimpy'? Clearly, you haven't driven one.
Michael M 10/03/2012
How about Diesel? It can maintain or improve mileage while giving it much needed torque.
Eric O 09/09/2012
I can appreciate Don's thought here but before you put an ecoboost in it can we at least first provide an option that actually has enough power to tow a load and bear a burden? The 5.4 simply is not powerful enough and the 3.5 EcoBoost is not going to do the job. How about giving a 6L option or make an ecoboost out of the 5.4L before putting a wimpy 3.5L in an already underpowered vehicle!