EV w/ onboard generator

By Eric T.

You folks should build an electric that uses Rossi's ECAT technology for the onboard genator. We should have been weaning off oil since the first shortages in the 1970's......

Dennis Tapp 01/30/2012
I love the Focus EV. I currently have two Focus vehicles: 2010 and 2007. I like the re-generative brakes: go a STEP FURTHER and use the connectic energy of turning wheels to turn a generator. The EV is great, but, range is a problem for long trips. With computers, inverters and other electronics I believe that with an onboard generator the EV would have unlimited range. I worked with older cars that had a generator or alternator to charge a battery. So, WHY NOT use an on-board Generator connected to a wheel to generate electricity. At long freeway drives, why not use the connetic energy from the turning wheels to drive a generator.