Ev updateable battery

By Mike L.

The tech for batteries in EV's will be changing very fast in the next couple years, So make Electric cars with easily upgradable battery packs
Wolfgang Klinger 10/27/2011
I agree that we will have in future better batteries. I know two types of Batteries which have the effort for the future.
1. Battery is called STAIR (St Andrews Air). It is a Lithium-air batteries use a catalytic air cathode in combination with an electrolyte and a lithium anode. Oxygen from the air is the active material for the cathode and is reduced at the cathode surface.
The capacity will be up to 4000 Wh/kg (Li-ion 350-500Wh/Kg)
2. Battery with iron and carbon, developed from the INT Karlsruhe. They have developed a method in which results in a special nanostructure. Their energy storage capacity will be fife times higher as in normal lithium-ion. Another benefit is no Lithium.
But I'm not sure, that we are working on that. Here in Europe I gert no detail information about development of EV.