Escape Hybrid

By Brad K.

I've heard it both ways lately, but the most recent article I read said that Ford will not be offering the 2013 Escape in a hybrid and trying to steer those potential buyers to the C-Max. I think this is a mistake. Anyone I've talked to that owns or considered an Escape Hybrid did so because first and foremost they wanted an SUV that was a Hybrid. Not the other way around. I really think it will turn potential buyers off. If you want to make sure the C-Max sells, offer it also with regular gas and and even diesel drivetrains. I've wanted a 7-passenger non-hybrid C-Max since I first saw one at the auto show last year. If you make it in a diesel with a 6-speed manual, so much the better.
jetpuff 12/14/2012
Just bought a 2013 Escape. Would have bought the hybrid if it was offerred
David R 07/24/2012
Eliminating the Escape Hybrid was an unfortunate decision and seemingly a retreat from a niche of the market that Ford had completely conquered. My wife and I were excited about getting a Hybrid for her to drive with the kids -- 34mpg in town with a small SUV! -- but now have started shopping for Toyota and other SUVs. Much more expensive, worse mileage (28mpg from the Highlander Hybrid @ $38K starting price is the best available after the Escape Hybrid), and frankly not as nicely equipped. Really, really disappointed by this decision at Ford. You guys have been on an amazing roll the last few years. Hopefully this is a decision you'll reverse.

(Also - no interest in the C-Max for me personally. Great car -- hopefully a Prius-beater. But completely different vehicle from the Escape.)
peter q 07/15/2012
I don't care for hybrids. Prefer diesels like in Europe.