Escape auto Start/Stop

Please offer the auto Start/Stop function from the 2013 Ford Fusion as an option on the new Ford Escape! it will help improve the Escape city mpg!
Brenda M 07/14/2012
Agreed! They might also consider that the consumer is intelligent and could choose an interior leather color on their own. I have been a dedicated Ford customer for 30+ years and I am now forced to go to Toyota. The 2013 Escape Titanium that I would be purchasing has one leather option, black. I live in Las Vegas and I have always had leather seats, light colored with the exception of the black that drove me here from Michigan. I will never have black in the desert, it was 118 last week and we don't have a lot of shade. It is sad and irritating. Toyota Venza here I come, tan leather seats. I am sorry to leave Ford.