Enough hybrid, why no diesels?

I don't have the figures at hand, but off the top of my head, 2/3 of vehicles sold in Europe are disesl.

A Volkswagen Tdi Passat (a midsized vehicle) CAN (I'm not saying rated at) obtain 43mpg.

A Prius, a smaller, lighter vehicle, is RATED at 50mpg combined. But we all know what's on the "sticker" is not what a vehicle will really get.

Basically, a Diesel vehicle, which costs less, is simpler, thus no expensive batteries, hybrid systems, more things to break, etc., will do basically just as well in fuel econ than a hybrid.

Plus, you have the added benefit of a better torque curve IMHO over a hybrid.

WHY not offer some diesels?

There are many reasons why they are more popular in Europe, ranging from things like less tax of diesel vs petrol... but it seems to me the future is clean, efficient diesel.

If you must offer a hybrid, I'm perplexed why the French(Peugeot I believe) are the 1st and only to offer a diesel hybrid. Why not at least a diesel hybrid?
Robert H 02/20/2013
Perhaps, you could look at doing a diesel hybrid combo