Engine shutdown at full stop

By Drew G.

Why not also import such great, fuel saving technologies from Europe such as the turning off the engine when the car is not moving at a traffic light or heavy traffic. Think of the fuel that could be saved if all cars shut down rather than idled when stopped.
Shane A 08/04/2013
There is a simple way to do this and it would save tons of gas $$ and pollution.  Connect a switch to the ignition that switches the engine from drive to neutral or electric only(?)  The swithc would kick on when you come to a stop for more than 2 seconds.  Then when you engage the gas the enginge would reingage.  IF you do this it will completely cut down on emissions and increase mpg.  You could also have this switch kick on when you are coasting to a stop sign or light!
Randall R 12/12/2012
It's been done on a few cars, not all. Don't know why. It's like daytime running lights.