Energy Display

By Tom W.

On the C-Max Energi, it would be nice to be able to have a copy of the
complete battery usage, EV mode, braking efficiency and mpg appear on the large centeral touch sceen, in addition to the left of the odometer.
That way everybody in the vehicle can see the effeciency and usage, not just the
direction of energy flow.
Seems like it would just be a software update to add this option under the existing Leaves menu.
John C 01/02/2014
This is a gread idea!
Richard D 12/28/2013
I think that is a great Idea, and I would also like to see an indication of the total run time of the gas engine in hours. My C-Max Energi has 4458 miles on it and I have only filled up 4 times. I have averaged 90 mpg with the simple calculation of miles divided by gallons, but i really have no idea how lone the engine has run. With that in mind, when do I need an oil change? Just one last comment, I absolutely love this Vehicle!