Energi Package Option

Offer a Start-Stop/Brake Regeneration/Electric Air Conditioning/Closing Grill Vent Energi Package, that can be added to any car/suv or truck as an option to passively boost fuel economy.

Since Start-Stop can increase fuel economy by up to 10%, and capturing over 90% of the energy from braking and storing it in a small lithium battery, and using an electric air conditioner can replace the constant alternator drag on the engine, offering even more fuel economy.

Similar to the GM eAssist, but without the expense of an hybrid electric motor and transmission.
San Meighty 08/12/2011
Interesting idea. Thanks for sharing.
Michael Bashta 08/07/2011
That would be great! It doesn't cost as much or do as much as a hybrid, but it will still be better! :)
Matt Gehling 08/01/2011
This is a great idea. I heard start/stop is coming. But yes, maybe regenerative brakes can also replace things like an alternator or a/c. Even without an electric motor, this makes sense, with the addition of a lithium battery.