Electric Ranger or Courier

By Jim M.

Ford needs to bring back the Ranger. Most people do not need or want a large truck. Add an all electric option. Ford could bring back the Courier since it is much smaller. Maybe design the bed of the truck so that one can change its configuration for different uses or just remove it to place another type of platform onto the frame.
tim a 09/18/2012
The true compact truck line has dissappeared. Even the Ranger, which I have and like, is really a mid-sized pickup. Just give us a small, stripped-down, economical, high-mpg pickup and I think you'll sell thousands. I mentioned in another comment that fleet buyers love those types of pickups - and they buy in bulk.
Jake J 07/15/2012
Updated electric and diesel models are exactly what North America needs!!! No other manufacturer has these, so Ford, put them out before somebody else does.