Electric Mustang/2-seater

By Jim M.

With rising gas prices, why can't Ford build a 2-seater Mustang or sports car that is all electric like the Tesla which can travel over 200 miles on a charge? The price must be much lower though.

Why can't light-weight alternators be added to electric vehicles to keep the batteries charged at all times like on a gas engine? Solar, motion, air flow, etc. could be used as well. Is the government and oil companies in the way?

With all the people that talk on cell phones while driving, maybe someone can come up with a way to help charge the batteries from conversations! Texting could help as well!
Dan 03/03/2012
a V6 with 305 HP. That is more than the original 8 cylinder.
Daniel M 03/02/2012
Alec took the words out of my mouth. Well said.
Alec W 03/01/2012
im sorry but one cannot simply scuff up the mustang's name by making it electric i mean its bad enough they have a v6.