Electric Mustang

I love v8's like everyone else but I think Ford should build a Tesla like Mustang that would come with a premium price.

To help with the center of gravity you could place the battery cells along the floor or under paneling of the car.  This could also help handling correct?

Start promoting electric charge stations at local malls, stores, restaurants and hotels.  Get Ford's logo on them to help brand awareness.  Help the world know that Ford is the leader in this new developing field.

Funnel the R&D cost down to other Ford models over time to help fight Cafe standards.  And while doing all this, present a cool / fun image.
art h 12/23/2013
No Mustang fan and I mean no Mustang fan would ever want to buy a electric Mustang. We like to drive our cars not wait for them to recharge. When they get 600 miles per charge than maybe. We even hate to see a body change. Sorry Casey