Electric Interstate highways

By Eric S.

It occurred to me that instead of people with electric or hybrid vehicles having to stop every 100 miles in the  hope that they can find a charging station, and having to wait however long it would take to charge their batteries.  Those drivers could drive from the California/Mexico border to the Main/Canadian border without having to stop except to sleep or other activities.  My idea is that if electrical strips were laid in the lanes of all interstate highways and if vehicles had flexible pins that would ride along the electrified strips it would allow the batteries to either charge or remain charged while on the highway.  I think it would be appropriate for Ford to be the company to recommend that the strips be installed and could be the first company to start installing the pins on their vehicles.  I don't know about other people but if I owned an electric vehicle which I do want to soon,  I would be willing to pay a road use tax that would pay for the installation of the strips and for the electricity.