Electric heater in Fusion Hybrid

By Joel A.

Since our 2013 Fusion Hybrid can spend so much time running on EV power only it is very hard to get heat in the winter. We end up getting poor gas mileage because the ICE has to run to heat the coolant so that we don't freeze in the cabin. This is not an issue in other hybrids like the Prius because they are not designed to run almost half their miles on EV power only like the new Fusion. Ford should make the heater in the Fusion & C-Max Hybrids electric like in the Energi variant. This would make the vehicle more suitable for cold winters in Minnesota.
Kevin K 09/11/2014
Still hoping for electric heating / better keeping the engine warm in the winter for later generation hybrids.
Brock P 12/16/2013
Just select your EV Later mode when you start out. That will warm your engine and cab up quickly. Then switch to auto EV and see if it keeps up.
Kevin K 01/22/2013
The Prius does have an electric heater... Two in fact! There are two 400W heaters on the radiator core which heat it up electrically when its ice cold.
Mark R 01/13/2013
i has one Ford dealer tell me they shouldn't sell Fords hybreds north of the Mason Dixon line for the reasons stated. He said you will have to wear gloves and ear muffs in winter because there is not enough heat put into the cabin.
T. Anderson 01/08/2013
I just got my car yesterday- and the first thing I noticed is the car does not heat up that well. It was a relatively warm morning here (Minneapolis, MN) (23 degrees) and I froze all 17 miles into work. I wonder how cold it will be when below zero. I am going to plug in the block heater tonight and see if that helps
Ian 01/05/2013
Good work.