E&G Gas - get 300 miles each

By Joe F.

I am a small stock holder (400 shares) in your company and want you to get on top of all the competition. Ford?Lincoln you need to build a vehicle that get 300 miles on a single charge and then another 300 miles on a generator engine totaling over 600 miles on a single fill up (Gas & Electric). So you will need to combine a similar system as a Chevy Volt and a Tesla Roadster to give your customers the best of both worlds. You will need to start off with a mid size two and four door a Fusion E/Gv then a two and four door full size Taurus E/Gv. The Two door model need to have a retractable hard top. Giving Ford/Lincoln a Sport model along with a family model. You bring in the young TWO door and the old a Four door and the midlife crises 45 Plus Sport model Limited with a retractable hard top. This concept can then be brought over to SUV’s, Trucks etc. and give Ford?Lincoln the upper edge in the market place. You will also need to incorporate this into your Lincoln models. I believe this will hit the home run you are looking for in the industry, and then take this concept to the world market
Dennis T 11/29/2012
Many have suggested some type of electrical charging system to Ford. My hope is that Ford will listen and act. I would like to see Ford innovate further on vehicle on-board charging systems to extend the EVs range. An EV is not practical on a cross-country drive. This idea could revolutionize the "Green" auto industry. An electric generator just needs to spin to produce electricity. Granted, a load is placed on the generator or alternator, but, I believe this problem can be solved. Turning wheels at Freeway speeds would do the same job as hydroelectric or using steam or exhaust to power turbines. The generator just needs to turn to produce electricity! A EVs (Electric Vehicles) range needs to be longer. I did a Bing search on 'electric motors' and Siemens came up. I was educated about the difference between 'Parallel Hybrid' and 'Serial Hybrid'. 'Parallel' uses the combustion engine exclusively to turn a transmission for power to the wheels: it only uses the electric drive motors to get the vehicle moving or sustain a low MPH. 'Serial Hybrid' uses electric motors "exclusively" to drive the vehicle and the combustion engine is used to drive a generator to power the electric motors and re-charge batteries. Diesel-Electric trains do this very well. The "combustion engine" could be a small power plant that uses fuel cell tech, or Natural Gas, or gasoline. The engine size does not have to large. The electric motor has a lot of torque so it can handle any load or any application. Siemens has been around and produced electric motors since the late 1800s. Ford and Siemens could combine: Ford engines and vehicles with Siemens electric motors, controllers and other electronics to produce a planet loving vehicle product.