Economical Green Pickup Line

I have owned 4 Ford Pickups and 2 SUV's. I am 250 lbs and like the space & elevation of pickups. I use for gardening and don't need huge towing power. I need an F150 with excellent mileage, not excellent towing power. Please help. I want my next vehicle to be an F150 but can only get one if it is fuel efficient.
art h 05/27/2013
A truck is not a car LOL You first must think like truck owners. Trucks ar for work. Towing toys on weekends work durring the week. There is nothing green about asny car or truck today. Its a scam to think if it is run on electric power it uses no fuel. Most electricity is generated buy coal or natural gas so charging your green car uses fuel As for a truck that gets descent fuel mileage get the eco boost F150 it may be more what you are looking for
David R 05/15/2013
I think Ford, a world vehicle LEADER, should proceed and develop a new green high-tech small diesel truck. I KNOW there is a market for it!