EcoBoost V6 with Standalone ECU as a Crate Motor

Ford did something wonderful for SEMA 2009 with the EcoBoost V6 powered 1934 Hot Rod. If you're not familiar with it, look it up. I'm asking that we make that motor available to the rest of us as a crate motor (a motor available for purchase for use in project vehicles, classic cars receiving a new lease on life, etcetera).

The EcoBoost V6 is a wonderful idea; V8 power with V6 gas mileage. The hot rodding community has always embraced new ideas and many would love more economy while reducing the environmental footprint of classic cars in general. I personally want an EcoBoost V6 in my project vehicle.

We need Ford because the EcoBoost V6 is a modern engine requiring modern computer management. Ford did standalone engine management with the above mentioned 2009 SEMA '34 Hot Rod project. The work has been done, we just need to make it available to the rest of us.

There are few aftermarket enthusiast that will read this, but if you can appreciate the concept or even support reducing hot rodding's environmental footprint, please vote this idea up.
walt 11/08/2014
The latest timing for the 3.5 engine Ecoboost Control Pak is for the 2nd quarter of 2015, per Ford Racing statement at 2014 sema. It will be for manual trans only; no 6R80 support. I do not think that anyone has been able to make their project car/truck run with the 3.5 EB or the 3.7 N/A with the 6R80 using a factory wiring harness and pcm from a wrecking yard. Factory wiring is very complex and integrated into wiring for lights, air bags, climate control, radio, etc.
SVT should hire me 10/15/2014
It would be nice to have this as a kit for the Lincoln LS. Or for all the hippy green tree huggers having kits to update a person's older favorite car with a new more efficient engine would be something to be very noteworthy?
Ken White 07/18/2014
J.T., I have a 3.7 in my 67 Mustang project car, it's being wired right now . I have the wiring harness , computer, gas pedal and mass air out of the donor vehicle. Don't forget the gas pedal, when you find the harness.
R. E. F 06/19/2014
I have been searching for a salvage Eco Boost engine and trans for my '53 F100 cruiser. It is a great truck now, but I would love to swap it for the modern power train. A crate engine would be fantastic.
Jared P 05/18/2014
Planning on a 3.5 Ecoboost swap into my 6 cyl. 50 Ford coupe.
J.T. Williams 04/18/2014
I already have the N/A V6 with the 6R80 transmission installed in my 1961 Falcon. I'm missing the wiring and the wrecking yards I have contacted tell me the 3.7 engines W/ wiring harnesses are going out faster than the V-8's. Ford please help! I need a stand alone wiring harness!
A&E CUSTOMS 04/07/2014
35DPRace :"I would love to put this in my 58 Studebaker Hawk" !
George F 03/29/2014
Currently driving a 2013 F150 SCrew with the 3.5L EcoBoost V6.  I would love to drop this engine in a '66 E-Type Jaguar project car.
John L 03/01/2014
my dream car has always been a 70-71 Cougar. I would love to rework the suspension and steering geometry and add an ecoboost 3.5. this would be a fun car.
brian 11/13/2013
i've got a 1972 ford gran torino that i would love to power with an ecoboost engine
john bullard 08/03/2013
come on ford, bring this out...
Jules J 02/22/2013
I would love the EcoBoost motor for a Factory Five Racing car, that'd be sweeeet
piwright42 01/08/2013
I LOVE this idea. I have been trolling for an Ecoboost V6 crate option for my 1956 Ford F100 for a couple of years now. Good horse power with less weight in front of the front axle line and a smaller environmental foot print is pure win in my book. I really hope Ford gives me less reason to look at V6 powered Mustangs as potential donors in the very near future.

I hope Ford brings a crate tot he market soon. Otherwise you can look for me in a junk yard cannibalizing one those new 'stangs.
mark g 12/01/2012
I want one in my 27 Ford T Touring, with a M82
C. Holt 11/29/2012
C Holt I dream nite & day for that wonderful EcoBoost crate engine in my
Bronco including the transmission & tranfer case!!!
andy torres 11/26/2012
i really want an ecoboost crate motor to install in my stock
unrestored 72 Bronco. ..Ford, want to install gratis as factory project?
I live in SoCal, .5 mile away from NHRA Museum n Pomona Dragstrip
and home to best bi-monthly swap meet in country! U install on your dime and i'll
drive to any/all car events and promote on my time!
Randy 11/21/2012
I installed one in a '66 F100 Pickup
Ecoboost 4 and 6 cyl turbo engines are lighter smaller and easier stand alone fits in hot rods and kit cars across the board, especially for driver cars that actually get driven more than 4000 miles a year. Going green is the future and the smart choice to show the next gen of hod rodder.
Jon R 10/25/2012
A lot of buzz about Ecoboost crate engine coming, I hope it happens!
John R 10/03/2012
This makes perfect sense. Why not open up the aftermarket and project world to this great engine. The possibilities with this engine are almost endless.
Cliff 09/18/2012
I would love to swap this into my lifted 1991 Ford Explorer.
Dominic 08/02/2012
I would love to put that combo into my 1987 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe. The torque and horsepower upgrade would be fantastic. I would also want the auto trans for good takeoffs.
rod 07/29/2012
I would love a 2003 f150 with v6 ecoboost retrofit.rod
Dave 06/17/2012
Environmental footprint? Are you serious? With those three words you drove away anyone that might have been interested. People are seriously looking at this engine for the power potential, not"environmental footprint." Ford already has something in the works count on it. It was considered for the mustang, and the net is alive with discussions of possible engine swaps. You can have a clean running vehicle, or a lopey fuel smelling hot rod if you wish. Hot rods are the least of our problems. Al Gores 15,000 sq ft home is a energy nightmare, not someones hot rod. Keep the global warming histeria/lies to yourself.
Curtis T 06/10/2012
I would like to upgrade my 2010 F150 to an ecoboost engine.
Michael L 03/10/2012
The only reason I can fathom Ford having not done this already is they KNOW demands oytweighs their capacity to make them ... Sign me up for a pair!
Jeremy Chapman 02/20/2012
Would love to see some of the new ecoboost engines available as crate engines. I have a '51 Merc pickup and the only crate engines available seem to be giant gas guzzers with too much HP for a classic vehicle. An ecoboost would be great!
Keith Wollenberg 02/09/2012
Another vote for making the 2.0L I4 ecoboost available as a crate engine. A version configured for longitudinal mounting would even better.
Matthew Phillips 01/13/2012

DO It ford XD

make the 2.0 I4 available as well.
Matthew 01/06/2012
Would make a great swap for my 1969 Bronco.
I have been looking for something like this for my 2011 Jeep. I have been wanting to swap in the 3.5 ecoboost and get ride of my 3.8 mini-van engine that bogs when ever the road isn't flat. I found some motors but wonder what to do about the wiring and harness.
Billy Babb 12/22/2011
I want one for my 79 Bronco!
Graham 12/11/2011
I want this engine so badly in my 1992 ford bronco! Lightweight and powerful engine, in a relatively lightweight truck compared to what that engine has to power today in the current F150. Plus I might get 25 highway mpg too!
John Bremer 12/08/2011
I would like to have one in my Mustang based kit car.
Shane Hill 12/03/2011
Make it available! I'd put one in my 65 mustang in a heartbeat!
jonathon Den Beste 11/29/2011
This is what I want for my old Scout2
james meredith 10/20/2011
amen to this idea!! drop it over into a ranger, older explorer, id love one in a cougar.
Will Call 10/09/2011
I would definitely buy it and place it in my 98 Explorer.
Jim 09/28/2011
ME TOO! Love the rumble of my 302 in the 66Mustang in my garage, but I actually drive it in the Summer--- and in the lightweight body with the T5 (or 6spd manual, if I could get it), the mileage should be great!
Dean Harris 09/10/2011
Come on Ford ! Cut us loose with this engine ! My 2001 Jeep Wrangler is waiting for this transplant !
Bill 06/04/2011
I need one to put in a ford ranger prerunner desert racer nao
Mark Godwin 05/23/2011
This is the target engine for my 27 T hot rod project. I could see Falcon Rancheros, British sports cars (Sunbeam Alpine would be way cool) and expecially early Mustangs. Come on Ford!
Dan M. 05/16/2011
Awesome idea. This would be a good motor to swap into pretty much anything. Rangers, Mustangs, Older Ford Pickups, Hot Rod, etc.

Plus it would put some competion onto Chevy with their whole E Rod setup that they are doing. If they could get the emission certification it would allow our Cali bothers to get some good Ford power.
John Richardson 05/15/2011
I would buy a crate ecoboost engine with stand alone engine management. OR, If just the standalone harness and computer was available, it would be possible to get one from a wrecked F150. I would like to swap this into my 1994 Lightning.
Strider 02/06/2011
I have a jeep commander with a HEMI I would like to swap for a ecoboost along with a ford trans.
Michael Lyle 11/14/2010
I too would buy an Ecoboost crate motor if available.
Matt Fen 10/28/2010
I think there is an untapped market for a crate motor ECU solution for these small powerful motors. I have been searching high and low looking at all these cool modern light v6 but how to do it stand alone? I have several old english cars that really need new power. Make the ECU and buyers can get the motors from ebay salvage yards if not Ford. It is green on green. They should do the ecoboost and the 3.0-3.5 Duratec. Pleeese!
dale turner 10/24/2010
i would love an ecoboost for bluford, my blue 54 f-100 i have owned 37 years.
Anthony T 10/07/2010
I got a 67 F-100, that would love an economical and powerful engine in it! Love to see one available as a crate option!
John Allen 05/08/2010
I have a 71 Torino fastback that needs an ecoboost.

Plain and simple. Where do I sign up. I would buy one right now if I could.