EcoBoost Ranger Please...

This isn't rocket science.

One of your best-selling vehicles in history is the Ford Ranger. A lot of folks and companies bought that truck because it was fuel-efficient. A lot more bought it because it was the best size for their needs.

I understand why you'd replace it with the F-150 (economics/times) but killing the Ranger is very short-term thinking.

When the average price of gasoline outside the big cities hits $4/gallon in 2013, the average American will suddenly realize just how perfect the Ranger size is. That truck can do 80% of what a full-size can do.

Can you find a way to make the same amount of profit on that truck as the full-size ones? I think you can. One way: technology. Put the EcoBoost in it. I will camp out at the closest dealership the first day you sell it.
Robert H 12/28/2012
Hell yes bring back the Ranger truck with ECO Boost. You can't buy a small truck anymore and being in business I have to buy a FOREIGN vehicle.....
James M 10/21/2012
I agree 100 percent. Why can't the USA get the 2.2 liter turbo diesel like the rest of the world? Ford please bring the 2013 Ranger to the States.