Ecoboost Global Ranger

I had a 1989 Ranger 4x4. It was the best vehicle I have owned, had 250k miles on it. I had to get rid of it because there wasn't much left of the body, but man did it run! I keep seeing pictures of the Global Ranger and read that the diesel engine is keeping it from coming to the states. Obviously the Ecoboost engines are selling well here; why not bring the trusted name plate here and combine it with an Ecoboost 4 or 6 that people are excited about?
Justin L 11/12/2012
Ford Corporate as well as Standard Oil and their Cronies...

in Europe 60-70% of all vehicles on the road are diesel, they are cleaner and more efficient, the average diesel car gets 40% better fuel economy than the same with gasoline engine. The real problem is that the American oil companies control our government and Corporate economy. If this same percentage of american cars were diesel, the Oil companies would loose $30bn in revenue. that's why we don't have diesels here, because they are afraid they would really catch on.
Nathan R 08/24/2012
The diesel engine isn't keeping it from the US, corporate is.