Ecoboost Expedition

By John J.

Build an Expedition with the F 150 Ecoboost Engine.
rhonda a 06/25/2013
I ve had my expedition for 10 years and love it. Im ready to buy a new vehicle. Would buy another expedition if it had eco boost. Really need better gas mileage. Will not buy another one without eco boost. Great vehicle!! Could even be better. Why not do this???
Chris 12/24/2012
Not-so-patiently waiting for the Expedition EL with the Ecoboost...
Adrien A 07/26/2012
Absolutely a great idea.
Joel 07/16/2012
Ecoboost!!! Would be great in an Expedition!
schoolteacher 06/29/2012
We are happy owners of our 4th consecutive Suburban. Last summer we traded my husband's Chevy Silverado Crew Cab in on a 2011 F150King Cab Ecoboost 4x4. We're so impressed with the gas mileage (22mpg), power, and interior room we'd buy an Expedition EL ecoboost in 2013 and kick the bow ties to the curb if Ford would just produce them.
Skip 05/14/2012
Almost bought new 2012 Suburban. Didn't like the 5.4 Triton v8 in the current Expedition EL. But loved everything else about this vehicle when compared with Suburban. I'm going to wait as long as I can to see if the Ecoboost engine in the F150 will be available in the 2013 Expedition. If it is, I would buy one in a heartbeat! c'mon Ford!
Adam V 03/19/2012
2000 Expy, its used for work (Ladders etc on roof) and family (Constant road trips up and down the Cali coast, Boating and camping), whats the point in buying brand new again if its the same engine Ive got?? Its a great engine but behind the times now, PLEASE replace it with the ecoboost or all F150 engine options! If all I can get is still the 5.4, why bother? More fuel economy and better mountain towing please!
Bill 02/25/2012
I love my 2012 F150 FX4 Ecobost. Ford you wrecked the escape by going all euro, you hit the explorer on the head, time to bring it with the expedition. PUT THE ECOBOOST IN THE EXPEDITION!!!
David Cristofaro 02/05/2012
Yes, I am with Bill, need to update my 2004 4x4 Eddie Bauer with something that can tow and get better gas mileage. Want to stick with Ford, but the first company to deliver gets the business. You have to create the Ecoboost!!
Gene Kimpton 01/26/2012
'03 Expy here - ready for a new one and REALLY want the EcoBoost option!!
John Pogas 01/09/2012
PLEASE give us an Expedition with an Ecoboost. A pick up truck is not an option for my large family. Neither is a van. We tow an 8k lb camper and the Expy EL is our only option.
Heidi Campbell 11/14/2011
I would love to see the expedition come out with ecoboost and have the frame upgraded to the current F150 frame for the towing capability.
Chris 10/22/2011
I want a new Expedition with Ecoboost too. Please........ we need better milage for our family truckster
Bill Brockhaus 09/04/2011
I have a 2004 Expedition, just waiting for the V6 ecoboost to be put in the Expedition to get a new one.