Ecoboost Expedition revisited

I would love to see an EcoBoost Expedition, standard and EL editions. I feel that if Ford were to do this, they would take over the full size SUV lineup entirely, the EcoBoost has been proven to have more than enough available torque and horsepower, and if it were to be put in an SUV like the Expedition, there would be no other full size that could compare in terms of mileage. Imagine being able to take the whole family 500+ miles on a single tank. I currently have a 2004 Eddie Bauer Expedition, unfortunately the transmission went out, so it's in the shop. Pair that engine with the 6r80 six speed automatic that is currently in use, and there would be a chance at 32 mpg highway or more.
Marc 08/14/2012
I too will be waiting to pull the trigger on a short Expedition Ecoboost!! Do it Ford.
Josh T 06/13/2012
As an owner of a 2007 XLT EL, this is a no-brainer. Why Ford hasn't done this already is beyond me. Ford would not only own the full-size/truck-based SUV market, they might just ressurect it. The idea of getting 20+ mpg with my 33.5 gallon fuel tank would take a lot of the sting out of the many family trips we take each year between SoCal and Idaho.
John Crystal Greenhaw 01/21/2012
I'm not sure what specs are out there, but from what I've seen here, there's some solid range, and “The F-150’s 365-horsepower, 420 lb.-ft. of torque EcoBoost engine already delivers best-in-class towing,” said Scott. “Now, the 36-gallon fuel tank gives Ford truck customers an unbeatable combination of capability and driving range.”. for weight capacity.
Igor Fradlis 12/28/2011
Great idea. Waiting to pull the trigger on ecoboost powered expedition el.
Ben90 Ro 11/21/2011
I agree, the ecoboost engine should be standard in the expedition and not the 5.4v8. The ecoboost should be flex fuel too. I personally won't buy a gas vehicle that's not flex fuel.
Brian Rey 11/19/2011
I love this ideabut I would like to read some articles of how well any Ecoboost engine works hooked up to AWD or 4WD. The specs for this would be appreciated.
Heidi Campbell 11/14/2011
I absolutely agree! Ford would own the market for the SUV lineup. With all the current feautures and SYNC, pair that with eco boost, and voila...the market would be over taken by ford. Now if they would also upgrade the frame of the expedition to compare to the towing capability of the f150, they would really consume the market for SUV