Ecoboost E85

By Matt G.

My father was looking to buy a new F150 when the ecoboost engine came out. He(and at least 10 other farmers he knows) were surprised that this was not offered in Flex fuel. There is a large population of farmers who would specifically buy new trucks to for this option. His dream truck is a variable-boost turbo charged V6, designed primarily for e85. This engine would not need to be a 3.5l. He would be happy with a high compression 3.0 (running higher boost on E85). It has been done before by a different car company, but this would be a big success. He currently has a 1000 gallon e85 tank at our house, that he has been blending for a 30% ETOH blend on our vehicles. Surprisingly, the 2002 town car, has had no change in mileage (24 comb.), but my old flex Taurus would yield 20% less economy on e85; Therefore, high compression seems to be key. Anyway, there is a HUGE market for farmers as well as e85 gas stations available in Minnesota. Ford would make not regret this.
Kyle G 08/22/2014
I agree with all of your comments. I would really like to see an E85 EcoBoost engine in the F150 and Expedition. My wife and I like the idea of becoming less dependent upon petroleum based fuels in the long run.
A.R. W 05/16/2013
I would like to see the Ecoboost engines become e85 compatible as well and take advantage of the higher octane by having more boost.
Warren 01/18/2012
I too am interested in a Lincoln MKS with EcoBoost but it must be E85 compatable. With out E85 it's a deal breaker.
Ben Roney 09/09/2011
When I heard about the ecoboost engine in the f150 I was really excited and was ready to trade my old truck in, but then I learned it wasn't Flex Fuel.
I too was eager to see how the turbocharger would affect the efficiency of running e85, but to my disappointment it seems Ford is turning away from Flex Fuel technology instead of expanding it. I personally believe Ford should incorporate Flex Fuel ability in all vehicles that have an internal combustion engine. I have been discouraged from Ford Motor Company lately because of their lack of support for e85…….it’s like oil companies are bribing them to discontinue support for biofuels
It’ll make me happy to see more support for biofuels from Ford.
laserman35 08/23/2011
Your correct higher compression will yield a better MPG.
This was known in the early 1900's and was often the reason turbo motors was often used. We have taken a giant leap forward in technology but for some reason forgot what are grandfathers developed before they had indoor plumbing. I think the industry will start to wake up in the next few years, and use are forgotten technology of yesterday. Direct injection was invented buy Jonas Hesselman in 1925. I hope we don't end up with square wheels again so they can only bring back round ones again.