Eco Raptor

By Zach W.

I would love to buy a raptor, but after having a lifted superduty diesel I don't think that I could live with the complete lack of mileage. The eco boost trucks are amazing, they feel lighter and yet the torque feels smother and lower than the v8 trucks. A eco boost option would get me out of my superduty and in to a raptor.
Jeremy M 11/22/2013
I am ready to buy a Raptor! But I want something that gets decent mileage, How about a 5.0 Eco Boost for the Raptor. It would wipe the floor with any other manufacture's attempt to compete with the raptor.
dominic p 04/08/2013
I'm surprised that the eco boost is not available on the Raptor because of the the way Ford advertised the engine with it torture tests. I feel the eco boost would be the perfect engine for the raptor because of it's power, weight and durability. As well, adding a six-speed manual to the equation just raises the excitement that much more. However, I'm still not sold on eco boost yet. During the tear down of the eco boost at the end of the torture test I noticed how clean inside the engine was. I would like to know if they used the same oil they recommend for the engines and when they changed it. As well, there are some drivability problems that Ford cannot fix yet and the fuel economy is comparable to the V-8.
Thomas T 03/28/2013
Agreed, there are so many possibilities with the Eco Boost line up that not having a boosted V8 has me scratching my head.