Eco-aluminium bring back

Bringing back the ranger to The United States and bring back the Bronco both with an ecoboost v6 and both have bodies made of aluminum like the 2015 f-150 and youll have two greatly fuel efficient trucks that are meant for the out doors and for contractors!! Lots of people would be interested in those! Plus the jeep wranglers will have compitition again! -Nathaniel Salyers
Maureen B 09/01/2014
Give it some svt Raptor styling & it will sell for those of us that want more than the average suv, but also don't quite need a full on pickup truck.
Mark R 08/06/2014
Bring back the Bronco! There's a market for a full sized Sporty 2-door Sport Utility. And not much in the way of competition.
David S 04/10/2014
Choices of smaller vehicles that can fit into the garage and urban environment, good idea.