E85 to be standard on all petrol vehicles

There was the Taurus, CrownVic/Grand Marquis/Town Car also had it. Why is it available on in selected models? E85 needs to be a standard feature. That would be first, an automaker that supports E85 through out the petrol model range. That means Americas, Europe and Australia too! Think about the positive press...

This idea has been up before but I think it needs to be posted more often so maybe it gets noticed.
Robert G 07/19/2012
Flex Fuels are an interesting idea...but the reality is we need to do away with the internal combustion engine.. It has served us well, but it's time to retire the concept...Electric/Hybrids are part of our future ..We need to plant our feet firmly into the 21st Centry...give up some of the archaic thinking..and move ahead!